You’re out in here for a very special mission, buddy! Right at this very moment let me tell you something that you might not know about the affiliate marketing list. After reading this article, you might want to change your list marketing techniques. For sure you do are waiting for profits, looking for ways to increase your sales, and most importantly, make money online a little bit easier than the norm. Well here it goes.

 Affiliate Hit List #1: Target an Info Product (Create an E-book)

Design and create an e-book. Put that up on websites meant for document sharing. Wait. You won’t earn a dime there, yes. I mean not yet. We’re still trying to work on your credibility. I’ve done this before and believe me, it simply works! I attracted a considerable number of visitors to my site from document sharing. How? It’s straight and simple. I showcase my knowledge to users—my “potential customers” on how I can help solve their problem. Through information I shared with them, they never did hesitated, even once, to join me. In fact, I gained followers from my info product. Because I established customer trust, I find it easier to promote just about anything to them. But, hey don’t ever abuse that trust, buddy! Once it’s stained, it’s gone. You know what I’m saying? I mean, those users could become your loyal followers/readers, only and only if you would remain trustworthy, so here come our second tip.

Affiliate Hit List #2: Secure the Area (Have A Useful Website/Blog Ready)

You’ve earned users’ trust, so what now? Don’t be too impatient to see the results. So, they’re redirected to your website or blog. Is your website related to what you actually discussed in the info e-book? Well, don’t tell me that it’s not. You’ve wasted not only your effort but the chance to increase your earnings in affiliate marketing. Let me tell you straight that your website or blog should be related to what you’ve discussed in the e-book. Show your users that you indeed are knowledgeable of the subject and that they can trust you. Your content will speak much about you. If you compel readers and make them come back for more, well, for the most part, that’s because of your valuable content. When readers are hooked and thought that “Hey, this man’s sincere and trustworthy. He can help solve my problems.” If this could be the reaction you’ve heard from them, you won’t have much problem. Invite them to sign up in your list. So, there goes our third tip.

Affiliate Hit List #3: Trap Them in Your List (Engage Users and Have Them Opted In Your Mailing List)

Have them sign up for your list, whether that’s a weekly newsletter or webinar or video channel, let it be. But hey, let me remind you about this. Respect online users. When I say respect, I don’t mean that you call them “Madame or Sir,” but what I intend to say is that you only send stuffs to those who actually opt in your mailing list. Never spam users. For sure you don’t want that, too. You would never want to see your inbox full of spam, right? So, having that said, I would like to suggest that you only send an email, newsletter, or whatever that is you’re offering for free. Yes, I forgot to tell you this. Offer them something for free like a newsletter and the other incentives or rewards I mentioned awhile ago. Okay, let’s go back to our topic. To sum it up, send a newsletter, webinar invitation, or whatever incentive you’re offering to people who actually signed up and requested for it. I hope we’re clear on that. Having that said leads us to the next step.

Affiliate Hit List #4: Trade the Goods!

So, you have a list and incentive offers. Next thing is, sell them your affiliate products without pushing them to do so. Since you’ve already established a relationship to your list and have them signed up for you, the next thing you do is to make them buy your products or services without sounding pushy. If you’re trusted and established, you can sell affiliate products to your list. However, select affiliate products or services carefully. As much as possible, make sure that you tried them yourself. Never sell just about anything for the sake of money or big commissions. You have your list, so don’t waste it. Keep a good relationship to them by not disappointing them with rip off, not working, or nonsense products or services.

If you want to monetize your list in affiliate marketing, take care of it. Affiliate marketing isn’t all about selling but building long-term relationship with your clients. Just like a business owner, show sincerity in helping them solve an existing problem, and when you did, you’re one of the hottest affiliate marketers alive. I’m sure you would be. Mark my word, but one last thing before I go and hunt my next targets: “Make sure to keep these tips in mind.” Cheers to your hit list for 2013!

Mission Accomplished!

Until next time,


Open affiliate links are just plain dumb. Avoid getting penalized by the search engines by using klikdeal redirect links. You get an exact measurement of your clicks. And you can phrase the link with a suitable name. And did I mention it’s free ;-)

Until next time,

Peter – Your klikdeal guide

Do you know what of your social marketing efforts have effects? Do you know if you should spend your time on creating videos for YouTube, twitter on Twitter, set up a SocialMarket account and bookmark all your posts or perhaps put all your hours into your Facebook profile or is LinkedIn more effective?

“Half of the time I spend on Social Marketing is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Hmm, that’s not what he really said, was it? Although I think it’s just as true.

John Wanamaker really said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Most likely half of the time you spend on social marketing is a waste of your time.

The problem Mr. Wanamaker had was he couldn’t effectively measure what part of his advertising resulted in visits to his stores. But it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming to measure your efforts.

For example, I use klikdeal for this and it doesn’t take a lot of time.When I want to track something I set up a link in klikdeal and get both a more targeted link and at the same time I get a measurement of my efforts. All tracking data is collected in one place so I can easily see what was effective and what wasn’t

Here’s an overview of my tracking.

Click for full image

Click for full image

To your future tracking and redirecting success!

Peter Gillberg –

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short_urlHello Friends!

What really is a short URL? Short URL’s can be created by use of   Short URL services that are often used in microblogging such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Plurk and more.

So how does a link-shortening service work?

Well, basically a short URL  service, shortens a longline of web address, for example:

A link-shortening service will completely change it and make it shorter and it could instead look like this:

The new and shortened URL is alot better to use on Twitter or anywhere else than the very long one.

But just like all things in this world, there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with link-shortening services.


1. Easy to distribute as they don’t get broken into pieces in mail messages

2. For affiliate marketer, easy to distribute without having their affiliate id revealed.


1. Does not look clean

2. Not Easy to type and Remember

3. Unable to identify the website content by simply looking at the URL. Normally, you can just tell what is inside the link by simply looking at the URL. For example:

With short URL, there’s no way you can tell whether the site you are being redirected to is safe and doesn’t contain adult content or viruses.

4. Slow down in loading the redirect location

5. Failure to give credit to the website you’re linking to.

6. Failure to retrieve the real location. In cases of bad links, and you need to update the link to display the correct redirect link.

7. Most of the short URLs services provides shortened URL in an almost jibberish way.

8. Some short URL services are not trackable.

If you really insist on using short URLs without losing track of it, there are services that also offer redirect tracking along with the link-shortening capability such as and, both of which have URL shortener and redirect tracking functions.


I’m not convincing you to trash your URL shortener ONLY service, it’s still nice to have a clean and stylish url posted on sites that only allows you  a limited number of characters to type in. But it would still be much better if you do it the right and productive way.

Until Next Time ;-)

Peter – Your Affiliate Marketer Guide

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tracksalesHello There!

Are you an Affiliate Marketer? Have you found the right tool to use in monitoring the number of sales you make on each site at any given time?

For those who are not sure what Affiliate Marketing is, well, I’ll give you brief a introduction about it. 

Affiliate Marketing is an online-based marketing strategy where a business pays its affiliates for each visitor or customer brought in via the affiliate’s website or methods. For example, as an Affiliate of (for demonstration purposes only, not a real site), I will be get paid by them if I bring in visitors and customers to their site. And to make that possible, I will apply advertising methods such as posting my affiliate link to social networking sites, micro-blogging sites or to my websites (optional). So when a visitor clicks on the link from any of the sites I used to advertise, in return, if these visitors purchase, I will receive a commission based on the amount of sale, a referral fee or a pay-per-click fee.

Many Affiliate Marketers have failed while others succeed and make money. Being an Affiliate Marketer becomes frustrating along the way as you’re trying to figure out which sites are mostly visited.

As an Affiliate Marketer, I would like to help you organize and gain success in the long run. Currently, I am using a tracker that helps me monitor all my sales and the places where I advertise my affiliate links – this tracker is called Klikdeal.

I find it really useful and very easy and convenient to use, lastly, my favorite part especially in the current global situation – It’s FREE.

Klikdeal gives me very many useful tools I never thought I’d get from a free redirect tracker site. And it’s as simple as A-B-C.

Step 1 - Join as an affiliate with a business or a service provider. If you are already signed up, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Sign up a KlikDeal account. If you are already signed up, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 - Click on “New Redirect” to add your affiliate link.

a. Type in your desired redirect name.
b. On the Redirect URL, paste in your affiliate link.
c. Click “Add Redirect”

You will see your redirect/tracking URL on the “Home” section.

If you have more affiliate links from different online businesses, simply add more at the “New Redirect” section.


Step 4 - To start tracking, redirect your offers online for example, on FaceBook, and you’re done!

As simple as that, KlikDeal will do the rest of the tracking and show you which sites gains you more visitors and more. To come up with a report, KlikDeal lets you select a specified Redirect Name, date and time to generate an accurate result.

To further improve your affiliate marketing, you may analyze the results and come up with alternative sites or dates to boost the sales.

That easy!

Why not give it a try and and decide if it suits your needs you have nothing to lose as its completely FREE  – Sign up Here.

Until Next Time ;-)

Peter – Your Affiliate Re-direct Guide

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Hello There!

There are  a  number of ways to promote a website through the world wide web; link building, social networking, directory submission, blogs etc. but the king of them all is through Article Marketing.

Back in the old days the successful promotions were delivered through word of mouth but today in the digital world at present, Articles or Content Sharing are among the best way to deliver our thoughts about something we wish to promote; Products/Services

Through the help of Content Sharing Sites, Articles are delivered to interested readers directly  just by typing in the keyword or a topic. If you could know exactly how many people are reading your article would be quite fulfilling.

Some content sharing sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages allow us to see the number of page views of our article, however there are some sites that do not have this feature and some even though they have it are not reliable.

So the best way to track the number of visitors to our websites is to have an independent tool that allows us to see how many readers have been clicking the link embedded within the content we just shared.

It is very important to know the number of clicks to your website. Clicks are counted as visitors and visitors are considered to be potential buyers to your products or services. Although there maybe a number of tools or services offered online just for this feature, Klikdeal is the only one that has helped me well in tracking the number of visitors to my websites. Plus the good thing about it, is it’s 100% totally Free!

Klikdeal can be used anywhere – within a shared content, through a social network or through a micro blogging service such as twitter.  It’s actually very easy to use, You just simply use the link generated by Klikdeal as a substitute to the url of your website and whenever someone clicks on that link, it automatically counts it and immediately redirects visitors to your Main site.

Why Klikdeal??

  • Helps you track clicks to your website
  • Helps you monitor the effectiveness of your link -building strategy
  • Helps you know where  to focus building more links
  • If you are into Affiliate Marketing, you can be able to count the number of sales whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link.

Signup Now on Klikdeal for Free! As easy as 1,2,3 and Enjoy Tracking Traffic with just a blink of an eye!

Until Next Time ; -)

Peter – Your Affiliate Re-Direct Guide


Hello There!

If you run or own an internet business I have some interesting questions and thoughts for you today.

1. Would you like to know which website/page, blog, or blog post gets the most number of views?

2. Would you like to know how many clicks you get in a day, a week, a month and in a year?

3. Would you like to know where all your clicks come from, where the most and least clicks com from?

4. Would you like to know which website/blog need  improvement/updates?

Good News! Klikdeal can give you all this information in a single report and whats even better its completely FREE. Yes you heard me right you can immediately Signup on Klikdeal and enjoy the click detail report completely free plus much more.
KlikDeal is a service that cuts long URLs short and tracks it. With the special functionality of  Click Details Report, all  the above questions can be answered.
How to use the  Click Details Report :


It’s easy just follow the instructions below:

1. Go to “Home” tab.

2. Set the ‘To:” and “From:” period that you desire.

3. On the Report drop-down menu, choose “Click Details”.

4. Click on “Go” button.

You will then get a report of your “Click Details”. On the report, you will see the following parts:

A. Date/Time –  shows exact date and time when the click occurred.

B. Redirect Name – the name of the redirects that have been clicked. Where these names have been originally set by you.

C. Referral URL – it shows the URL site where the click occurred. Where the website is referred from.

D. IP Address – it shows the exact IP address of whom the clicks are from. With this information you  can track and know your  frequent visitors.

E. Delete Click – button that allows you to delete a particular click detail.

Pretty easy and helpful, right?

Get your Free Klikdeal account Sign up now for FREE!

Until Next Time ;-)

Peter – Your Affiliate Redirect Guide


Hello There!

Have you heard of Pay-Per-Click? Do you know what it is? If this is still relatively new to you am going to shed some light.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an advertising strategy used in advertising products and services on the internet. A technique used mainly by  search engines where advertisers pay the search engine  every time a visitor clicks an ad that leads to their website.

This works like for example, a Person searches for a product/service on the search engine, on the search results page at the top and  sides of the page you will see in small print “sponsored links” and advertised goods/services .

There is a big chance that a person will click on the advertisement. If  the person does, Google charges the owner of the advertisement (sponsored links/ads), as a “one” click, this one click  can be converted into sales. Thats where you start ripping the benefits of Pay-Per-Click and the business is on the roll!

More and more people are engaging to PPC Campaigns as they see it as a major source of traffic. Apart from its  benefits it’s not that easy to ride on it. It comprises of ups and downs just like any known advertising strategy.

In PPC, there are important things that need much attention these include:

1. Formulate good niche keywords
2. Come up with credible Ads
3. Create a good and well-designed landing page

As I’ve said, PPC is not that easy but with effort, knowledge, time and money it can be worth it. The returned improvement on your business can gain you credibility and amazing profits.

As you create your Advert for Pay-Per-Click you will need to include the URL of your landing page. If you can include your keywords on your landing page URL this will greatly increase your chances of getting a Click!

This is where Klikdeal can do the trick for you. You can create a url with exactly what you want your clients to see instead of a long URL that does not add any value to your Ad. If you have not tried Klikdeal yet this is your chance and I must keep saying this its Completely Free! Yes not trial but completely free.

You have nothing to lose create your free marketing link today with Klikdeal Today!

Until Next Time ;-)

Peter – Your Affiliate Redirect Guide

Redirects: How relevant is it?


Hi There!

Anyone heard of Redirect? If you are an affiliate or internet marketer this is something you must know if you don’t please read on and so you don’t miss the bus!

Redirect is the process of sending visitors from one location to another.

Normally it is by leaving links to your target places, such as forums, email signatures, social networking sites, etc.

However if you intend to create traffic using redirects in this manner you never know how many site visitors you receive from the redirects created in those URL’s you posted on those locations. I say, it’s a time-consuming and fruitless effort.

Redirection becomes a successful strategy only if used  the proper way.  What I mean by proper is using it as a tracking link for web traffic you wish to track. It is one of the popularly used strategies out there, in aiming to boost page rankings.

One easy way to do this is by signing up on redirect tracker sites, such as KlikDeal. Such sites, allow you to customize redirect URL and manage redirects and whats more its totally FREE on klikdeal.


In the same logic, redirects can serve the same purpose as pamphlets given out on streets, in return, people who get it, go to the location the pamphlet shows. Using the redirect tool in klikdeal allows you to track how many visitors have been directed to your site from the use of the redirect.

Tracked redirects are effective in making adjustments and improving a user’s website to make it attractive and appealing to visitors. The more visitors a site has equals higher chances of appearing higher in search engines. So with redirects, success is highly possible.

Don’t  waste any more time and invest on a redirecting program now, it can be a software or a web application such as KlikDeal. It’s easy as 1-2-3 and what makes it even better is it’s completely FREE!

Don’t believe me? Try and REGISTER NOW see if you can prove me wrong!

Until next time happy tracking.

Peter – Your Klikdeal Guide

KlikDeal First-timer’s Review


We have a new associate at klikdeal, Laurie. She has had no previous experience with klikdeal so I wanted to do a little experiment. What if I throw her in and ask her to use klikdeal for the first time and at the same time write about the experience.

Here is her story. Take it away Laurie.

Today, I finally had a chance to try it out myself. My first time that is, in getting my way around KlikDeal.

Honestly, at first I was still in limbo, asking myself questions like, “How am I going to use it”, “Is it easy?” and “Why should I use it?”

As any first-time user would do, I jump-started on setting myself up with an account. Then and there, the first good feeling with Klikdeal hit me. Wanna know what it is?

It’s FREE! :)

Moving on…

Once done with the confirmation and login thingy, I was brought to a page which I think is very plain, neat and gives that impression of easy-to-use. However, the feeling of murkiness hasn’t totally left me yet, so before doing what KlikDeal is about, I decided to check out the Help menu to grasp knowledge of how to’s. The help menu proves to be so simple and explains things straight to the point.

With the knowledge I got from the Help menu, I headed on to making redirects. And at the Home page, I can see that every redirect I made is enlisted there together with its number of clicks and the tracking URL.

To test if it works, I copied the tracking URL and posted it as an update on my Plurk account (Social Journal). To check if the number of clicks is really being tracked, I click on the URL myself and was redirected to the redirect URL I originally set it and the number of click incremented. KlikDeal was indeed able to track it. Wow! That easy!

You see, I have a blog and with KlikDeal to track my redirects, I can now easily figure out as to how many times people checks out my blog. Not to mention that I can track it in a specified time provided by the options on the Reports area.

To sum it all up, my verdict for KlikDeal is super easy-to-use, effective especially in campaigning and marketing, and lastly, SIMPLY AMAZING!

Go set up your own KlikDeal account!

Thanks for that Laurie!

Peter – Your Affiliate Redirect Guide