You’re out in here for a very special mission, buddy! Right at this very moment let me tell you something that you might not know about the affiliate marketing list. After reading this article, you might want to change your list marketing techniques. For sure you do are waiting for profits, looking for ways to increase your sales, and most importantly, make money online a little bit easier than the norm. Well here it goes.

 Affiliate Hit List #1: Target an Info Product (Create an E-book)

Design and create an e-book. Put that up on websites meant for document sharing. Wait. You won’t earn a dime there, yes. I mean not yet. We’re still trying to work on your credibility. I’ve done this before and believe me, it simply works! I attracted a considerable number of visitors to my site from document sharing. How? It’s straight and simple. I showcase my knowledge to users—my “potential customers” on how I can help solve their problem. Through information I shared with them, they never did hesitated, even once, to join me. In fact, I gained followers from my info product. Because I established customer trust, I find it easier to promote just about anything to them. But, hey don’t ever abuse that trust, buddy! Once it’s stained, it’s gone. You know what I’m saying? I mean, those users could become your loyal followers/readers, only and only if you would remain trustworthy, so here come our second tip.

Affiliate Hit List #2: Secure the Area (Have A Useful Website/Blog Ready)

You’ve earned users’ trust, so what now? Don’t be too impatient to see the results. So, they’re redirected to your website or blog. Is your website related to what you actually discussed in the info e-book? Well, don’t tell me that it’s not. You’ve wasted not only your effort but the chance to increase your earnings in affiliate marketing. Let me tell you straight that your website or blog should be related to what you’ve discussed in the e-book. Show your users that you indeed are knowledgeable of the subject and that they can trust you. Your content will speak much about you. If you compel readers and make them come back for more, well, for the most part, that’s because of your valuable content. When readers are hooked and thought that “Hey, this man’s sincere and trustworthy. He can help solve my problems.” If this could be the reaction you’ve heard from them, you won’t have much problem. Invite them to sign up in your list. So, there goes our third tip.

Affiliate Hit List #3: Trap Them in Your List (Engage Users and Have Them Opted In Your Mailing List)

Have them sign up for your list, whether that’s a weekly newsletter or webinar or video channel, let it be. But hey, let me remind you about this. Respect online users. When I say respect, I don’t mean that you call them “Madame or Sir,” but what I intend to say is that you only send stuffs to those who actually opt in your mailing list. Never spam users. For sure you don’t want that, too. You would never want to see your inbox full of spam, right? So, having that said, I would like to suggest that you only send an email, newsletter, or whatever that is you’re offering for free. Yes, I forgot to tell you this. Offer them something for free like a newsletter and the other incentives or rewards I mentioned awhile ago. Okay, let’s go back to our topic. To sum it up, send a newsletter, webinar invitation, or whatever incentive you’re offering to people who actually signed up and requested for it. I hope we’re clear on that. Having that said leads us to the next step.

Affiliate Hit List #4: Trade the Goods!

So, you have a list and incentive offers. Next thing is, sell them your affiliate products without pushing them to do so. Since you’ve already established a relationship to your list and have them signed up for you, the next thing you do is to make them buy your products or services without sounding pushy. If you’re trusted and established, you can sell affiliate products to your list. However, select affiliate products or services carefully. As much as possible, make sure that you tried them yourself. Never sell just about anything for the sake of money or big commissions. You have your list, so don’t waste it. Keep a good relationship to them by not disappointing them with rip off, not working, or nonsense products or services.

If you want to monetize your list in affiliate marketing, take care of it. Affiliate marketing isn’t all about selling but building long-term relationship with your clients. Just like a business owner, show sincerity in helping them solve an existing problem, and when you did, you’re one of the hottest affiliate marketers alive. I’m sure you would be. Mark my word, but one last thing before I go and hunt my next targets: “Make sure to keep these tips in mind.” Cheers to your hit list for 2013!

Mission Accomplished!

Until next time,