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short_urlHello Friends!

What really is a short URL? Short URL’s can be created by use of   Short URL services that are often used in microblogging such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Plurk and more.

So how does a link-shortening service work?

Well, basically a short URL  service, shortens a longline of web address, for example:

A link-shortening service will completely change it and make it shorter and it could instead look like this:

The new and shortened URL is alot better to use on Twitter or anywhere else than the very long one.

But just like all things in this world, there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with link-shortening services.


1. Easy to distribute as they don’t get broken into pieces in mail messages

2. For affiliate marketer, easy to distribute without having their affiliate id revealed.


1. Does not look clean

2. Not Easy to type and Remember

3. Unable to identify the website content by simply looking at the URL. Normally, you can just tell what is inside the link by simply looking at the URL. For example:

With short URL, there’s no way you can tell whether the site you are being redirected to is safe and doesn’t contain adult content or viruses.

4. Slow down in loading the redirect location

5. Failure to give credit to the website you’re linking to.

6. Failure to retrieve the real location. In cases of bad links, and you need to update the link to display the correct redirect link.

7. Most of the short URLs services provides shortened URL in an almost jibberish way.

8. Some short URL services are not trackable.

If you really insist on using short URLs without losing track of it, there are services that also offer redirect tracking along with the link-shortening capability such as and, both of which have URL shortener and redirect tracking functions.


I’m not convincing you to trash your URL shortener ONLY service, it’s still nice to have a clean and stylish url posted on sites that only allows you  a limited number of characters to type in. But it would still be much better if you do it the right and productive way.

Until Next Time ;-)

Peter – Your Affiliate Marketer Guide

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Hello There!

There are  a  number of ways to promote a website through the world wide web; link building, social networking, directory submission, blogs etc. but the king of them all is through Article Marketing.

Back in the old days the successful promotions were delivered through word of mouth but today in the digital world at present, Articles or Content Sharing are among the best way to deliver our thoughts about something we wish to promote; Products/Services

Through the help of Content Sharing Sites, Articles are delivered to interested readers directly  just by typing in the keyword or a topic. If you could know exactly how many people are reading your article would be quite fulfilling.

Some content sharing sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages allow us to see the number of page views of our article, however there are some sites that do not have this feature and some even though they have it are not reliable.

So the best way to track the number of visitors to our websites is to have an independent tool that allows us to see how many readers have been clicking the link embedded within the content we just shared.

It is very important to know the number of clicks to your website. Clicks are counted as visitors and visitors are considered to be potential buyers to your products or services. Although there maybe a number of tools or services offered online just for this feature, Klikdeal is the only one that has helped me well in tracking the number of visitors to my websites. Plus the good thing about it, is it’s 100% totally Free!

Klikdeal can be used anywhere – within a shared content, through a social network or through a micro blogging service such as twitter.  It’s actually very easy to use, You just simply use the link generated by Klikdeal as a substitute to the url of your website and whenever someone clicks on that link, it automatically counts it and immediately redirects visitors to your Main site.

Why Klikdeal??

  • Helps you track clicks to your website
  • Helps you monitor the effectiveness of your link -building strategy
  • Helps you know where  to focus building more links
  • If you are into Affiliate Marketing, you can be able to count the number of sales whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link.

Signup Now on Klikdeal for Free! As easy as 1,2,3 and Enjoy Tracking Traffic with just a blink of an eye!

Until Next Time ; -)

Peter – Your Affiliate Re-Direct Guide


Hey guys! We have added some new functionality the last few weeks. Perhaps some of you are using Twitter so I wanted to share some of the revelations I got testing twitter using klikdeal.

About Twitter

Lately I have been measuring every link that I have posted on Twitter. After posting I checked my klikdeal account for Twitter (yes, I have a couple of different klikdeal accounts under different campaign names). I then measured minute by minute how people have browsed through my klikdeal links.

The first minute after you post on Twitter you will normally get as much as 90% of  your Twitter clicks. The five first minutes you will get about 95% of the total number of clicks and the last 5% can be spread out as much as over a month. I expect this curve to spread out somewhat now when people are discovering and using Twitter as a search engine.

During more active hours the bulk of visitors come faster. I am guessing the spread of the last 5% has to do with people finding your twitts via search and so on.

I am getting about 2-3% number of viewers compared to my total number of followers. But this often varies as much as between 1-7%. I believe the variation is caused mostly by factors:

- Time of day
- Subject at hand
- Copy of the twitt

I will be looking more into the Copy of my twitts, for example testing the “mystery” approach, not telling the whole store any so on.

You can follow my twitts at:

It’s important that you have a sense of what your audience on twitter is interested in so measuring the traffic is really important.

New Klikdeal Features

We have added periods in the reporting area so now you can set your statistics to get a better overview of:

- Today
- Yesterday
- Last 7 days
- This Month
- Last Month

Previously you could watch 20 redirects per page but we have now set this so you can change it to 10, 20, 50 or 100 redirects per page depending on your loading times.

Coming Features

If you have any ideas about what you would like implemented into klikdeal, send me an email at:

We will seriously take all suggestions into consideration because we want klikdeal to become the best service available.

Until next time ;-)

Peter – klikdeal redirect+track