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Have you heard of Pay-Per-Click? Do you know what it is? If this is still relatively new to you am going to shed some light.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an advertising strategy used in advertising products and services on the internet. A technique used mainly by  search engines where advertisers pay the search engine  every time a visitor clicks an ad that leads to their website.

This works like for example, a Person searches for a product/service on the search engine, on the search results page at the top and  sides of the page you will see in small print “sponsored links” and advertised goods/services .

There is a big chance that a person will click on the advertisement. If  the person does, Google charges the owner of the advertisement (sponsored links/ads), as a “one” click, this one click  can be converted into sales. Thats where you start ripping the benefits of Pay-Per-Click and the business is on the roll!

More and more people are engaging to PPC Campaigns as they see it as a major source of traffic. Apart from its  benefits it’s not that easy to ride on it. It comprises of ups and downs just like any known advertising strategy.

In PPC, there are important things that need much attention these include:

1. Formulate good niche keywords
2. Come up with credible Ads
3. Create a good and well-designed landing page

As I’ve said, PPC is not that easy but with effort, knowledge, time and money it can be worth it. The returned improvement on your business can gain you credibility and amazing profits.

As you create your Advert for Pay-Per-Click you will need to include the URL of your landing page. If you can include your keywords on your landing page URL this will greatly increase your chances of getting a Click!

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