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Anyone heard of Redirect? If you are an affiliate or internet marketer this is something you must know if you don’t please read on and so you don’t miss the bus!

Redirect is the process of sending visitors from one location to another.

Normally it is by leaving links to your target places, such as forums, email signatures, social networking sites, etc.

However if you intend to create traffic using redirects in this manner you never know how many site visitors you receive from the redirects created in those URL’s you posted on those locations. I say, it’s a time-consuming and fruitless effort.

Redirection becomes a successful strategy only if used  the proper way.  What I mean by proper is using it as a tracking link for web traffic you wish to track. It is one of the popularly used strategies out there, in aiming to boost page rankings.

One easy way to do this is by signing up on redirect tracker sites, such as KlikDeal. Such sites, allow you to customize redirect URL and manage redirects and whats more its totally FREE on klikdeal.


In the same logic, redirects can serve the same purpose as pamphlets given out on streets, in return, people who get it, go to the location the pamphlet shows. Using the redirect tool in klikdeal allows you to track how many visitors have been directed to your site from the use of the redirect.

Tracked redirects are effective in making adjustments and improving a user’s website to make it attractive and appealing to visitors. The more visitors a site has equals higher chances of appearing higher in search engines. So with redirects, success is highly possible.

Don’t  waste any more time and invest on a redirecting program now, it can be a software or a web application such as KlikDeal. It’s easy as 1-2-3 and what makes it even better is it’s completely FREE!

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Until next time happy tracking.

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