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If you run or own an internet business I have some interesting questions and thoughts for you today.

1. Would you like to know which website/page, blog, or blog post gets the most number of views?

2. Would you like to know how many clicks you get in a day, a week, a month and in a year?

3. Would you like to know where all your clicks come from, where the most and least clicks com from?

4. Would you like to know which website/blog need  improvement/updates?

Good News! Klikdeal can give you all this information in a single report and whats even better its completely FREE. Yes you heard me right you can immediately Signup on Klikdeal and enjoy the click detail report completely free plus much more.
KlikDeal is a service that cuts long URLs short and tracks it. With the special functionality of  Click Details Report, all  the above questions can be answered.
How to use the  Click Details Report :


It’s easy just follow the instructions below:

1. Go to “Home” tab.

2. Set the ‘To:” and “From:” period that you desire.

3. On the Report drop-down menu, choose “Click Details”.

4. Click on “Go” button.

You will then get a report of your “Click Details”. On the report, you will see the following parts:

A. Date/Time –  shows exact date and time when the click occurred.

B. Redirect Name – the name of the redirects that have been clicked. Where these names have been originally set by you.

C. Referral URL – it shows the URL site where the click occurred. Where the website is referred from.

D. IP Address – it shows the exact IP address of whom the clicks are from. With this information you  can track and know your  frequent visitors.

E. Delete Click – button that allows you to delete a particular click detail.

Pretty easy and helpful, right?

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