We have a new associate at klikdeal, Laurie. She has had no previous experience with klikdeal so I wanted to do a little experiment. What if I throw her in and ask her to use klikdeal for the first time and at the same time write about the experience.

Here is her story. Take it away Laurie.

Today, I finally had a chance to try it out myself. My first time that is, in getting my way around KlikDeal.

Honestly, at first I was still in limbo, asking myself questions like, “How am I going to use it”, “Is it easy?” and “Why should I use it?”

As any first-time user would do, I jump-started on setting myself up with an account. Then and there, the first good feeling with Klikdeal hit me. Wanna know what it is?

It’s FREE! :)

Moving on…

Once done with the confirmation and login thingy, I was brought to a page which I think is very plain, neat and gives that impression of easy-to-use. However, the feeling of murkiness hasn’t totally left me yet, so before doing what KlikDeal is about, I decided to check out the Help menu to grasp knowledge of how to’s. The help menu proves to be so simple and explains things straight to the point.

With the knowledge I got from the Help menu, I headed on to making redirects. And at the Home page, I can see that every redirect I made is enlisted there together with its number of clicks and the tracking URL.

To test if it works, I copied the tracking URL and posted it as an update on my Plurk account (Social Journal). To check if the number of clicks is really being tracked, I click on the URL myself and was redirected to the redirect URL I originally set it and the number of click incremented. KlikDeal was indeed able to track it. Wow! That easy!

You see, I have a blog and with KlikDeal to track my redirects, I can now easily figure out as to how many times people checks out my blog. Not to mention that I can track it in a specified time provided by the options on the Reports area.

To sum it all up, my verdict for KlikDeal is super easy-to-use, effective especially in campaigning and marketing, and lastly, SIMPLY AMAZING!

Go set up your own KlikDeal account!

Thanks for that Laurie!

Peter – Your Affiliate Redirect Guide